Board of Education

The Atlanta Board of Education establishes and approves the policies that govern the Atlanta Public School system. The Board consists of nine members, representing six geographical districts and three “at-large” districts. One person is elected per district to represent the schools in a given district for a four-year term.

Under the provisions of the new board charter, approved by the Georgia Legislature in 2003, Board members elect a new chair and vice-chair every two years. The day-to-day administration of the school district is the responsibility of the Superintendent, who is appointed by the Board.

Leslie Grant
District 1

Byron Amos
District 2

Matt Westmoreland
District 3

Nancy M. Meister
(North Atlanta Cluster representative)

District 4

Steven Lee
District 5 

Eshe’ P. Collins
District 6 

Courtney D. English
At-Large Seat 7

Cynthia Briscoe Brown
At-Large Seat 8

Jason F. Esteves
At-Large Seat 9