Chain of Command Protocol

Parents – if you have questions or concerns with curriculum subject matter and/or one of your child’s classes, please first seek help from your child’s classroom teacher.  If you still have questions/concerns, consult the Assistant Principal over that subject matter (see below).  If after consulting with the Assistant Principal, you are still not satisfied, contact Principal Douglass.

Below is the list of NAHS Assistant Principals and the areas of study they oversee:

Ms. Bonner: – PE/Health, Special Education
Ms. Kaltman: – 9th Grade Asst. Principal, English/Language Arts, CTAE
Ms. Williams: – 10th Grade Asst. Principal, Science, Fine Arts, JROTC
Dr. Mitchell: – 11th Grade Asst. Principal, Math
Ms. Stewart: – 12th Grade Asst. Principal, Social Studies, World Languages