Daily Health Checks via HealthCheck App Required Effective March 22

Effective March 22, APS will require all students coming to school for in-person learning to complete a daily health screening process via the HealthCheck app or Website. HealthCheck is a COVID-19 screening tool that allows students to answer a series of COVID-19 symptom questions. Based on their responses, they will receive a green (come to school) or red (don’t come to school) color status.

If your student is attending in-person instruction, please review the information about the HealthCheck requirement, and how to access and use it. When completing the registration, use the following facility codes (all characters after “A” are numbers):

  • North Atlanta 9th grade: A019209
  • North Atlanta 10th grade: A019210
  • North Atlanta 11th grade: A019211
  • North Atlanta 12th grade: A019212