Drug Awareness Panel Discussion – October 24


October 24 from 7-8:30pm at North Atlanta High School’s Theater

Sponsored by the PTSA:

Community in Peril: Opioid Crisis and Binge Drinking – No One is Immune!

We all know friends, neighbors, and/or family members who have been touched by these life changing addictions and behaviors. Lean in and learn more! The public is invited to attend a panel discussion on Drug and Alcohol Prevention Awareness on October 24 from 7-8:30pm at North Atlanta High School’s Theater. Parents, students, educators, and community members are encouraged to attend. The crisis is real; the crisis is now; and the crisis impacts our community’s future. FEEL FREE TO BRING FRIENDS, FAMILY and NEIGHBORS! All are welcome!
For more information, contact Joleen Neel at j_neel@bellsouth.net, Karen Sheldon at atlsheldons@bellsouth.net or Julie Rief at julierief@icloud.com

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