PTSA Meetings & Events Calendar






General Meeting Dates 2016-2017:

August 18th 6:30pm Auditorium Learn about the upcoming year from administration, PTSA and our College and Career Center. Hear from members of the NAHS Foundation, Sports Boosters and our new Go Team.
September 23 9:00am   Coffee & conversation with Mr. Douglass
January 6 9:30am   Returning alumni
February 23 6:30pm   Nominating Board election
March 30 6:00pm   Election of 2017-2018 PTSA Board
May 19th 9:00 am   General PTSA meeting and Coffee Talk

PTSA Supported Events

August 26      North Atlanta College Fair
September 24 7:00pm   North Star Talent Show
October 13 7:00pm   Drug Awareness Program
October 20 TBD   Orchestra Fall Concert Reception
October 28 4:00-7:00pm Upper Field Fall Barbecue
November 10 7:00pm Park Tavern Parent/Faculty Member Social
December 1 TBD   Holiday Concert Reception
March 30  4:15pm   Students’ Pizza with the Principal
May 10 12:15pm NAHS NAPPS Meeting, “Stellar Seniors”
May 16 (tentative) TBD   Honors Night
May TBD TBD   Visions Ceremony